KWI's Spiritual City Project at Mysore has an outlay of INR 25000 crores ( 3.5 billion dollars ) and it is conceived at ancient traditional city Mysore, India, by Krishna World International. The founder believes that this project will be the next wonder of world. This most auspicious and miraculous project is a significant part of Krishna consciousness movement. 500 hundred years ago, the Supreme Lord Shri Krishna advented as Lord Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. He visited Chamundeswari hill during His South Indian tour and paid homage to the goddess "Chamundeswari", killer of demons Chund and Mund. This magnificent hill is very old and blessed for overcoming evil and ignorance.

Krishna World International's Spiritual City project is multi - purpose and it facilitates people from all walks of life. This gigantic project at Mysore is only a fraction of Lord Chaitanya's mission. Whoever takes part in this project whether as donors, investors, lenders, or any form of association, and from any religious background, will be honored by the Supreme Majestic Personality of Godhead, Lord Krishna. Objective of every religion is to find "who God is and to love Him". This project facilitates everyone a happy and comfortable life along with spiritual quest to find the Supreme Godhead. It mitigates all propagation concerning dry speculation about formless God.