We can prolong our life and enjoy, but animals can't!

You may prolong life as thought is an illusion. However, what is the purpose of a long life? For example, humans attempt to prolong their lives because they cannot see if there is an afterlife. But. trees live for thousands of years, elephants and lions live for so many years and there is a tamarind tree in Vrindavan, which has been said to be living since Lord Krishna’s time, about 5300 years. There are tall trees in the forests that live for extended periods of time. In San Francisco, there are trees that have been alive for 7000 years. Animals too discharge semen and produce children more than humans. Pigs, dogs, lions, and tigers all give birth to half a dozen babies at a time. Do humans outperform animals? Birds such as vultures may fly seven or eight miles from the surface and may see small objects moving on the ground. We can use to see the same thing using a telescope. All these things show that there are animals and birds with more evolved natural qualities than people. Our effort to advance is just a competition in eating, sleeping, defending, and having sexual intercourse with animals and other human beings and nothing else. This is stated in Srimad -Bhāgavatam just 2-3-18.

taravaḥ kiṁ na jīvanti bhastrāḥ kiṁ na śvasantyuta

na khādanti na mehanti kiṁ grāme paśavo ’pare

Do the trees not live? Do the bel