His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada

When His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada entered the port of New York City on September 17, 19,65 few Americans took notice — but he was not merely another immigrant. He was on a mission to introduce the ancient teachings of Vedic India into mainstream America..

Krishna World International

Krishna World International ( KWI) is with revolutionary goals and it is engaged in creating Spiritual Cities. Our spiritual activities include promotion of Krishna culture for development of mankind
What We Do?
First time in the history of mankind such a magnificent project is launched for widest penetration of Krishna Consciousness and Spiritual life.
Glorify God
It is envisioned and led by His Divine Holiness Krishna Chaitanya Swami who has been executing spiritual activities for the past 30 years in the United States and other countries.
Love Community
International Schools and Colleges, Hospitals, Publication of transcendental literatures, cow protection, living accommodations, producing energy from solar and wind resources, creating natural gas, producing organic vegetables for preparing food for visiting guests and pilgrims, granary to preserve raw food at least for 10 million people, sanatha ashram for children, retired home, women ashram, and Spiritual ashramas, Spiritual Entertainment Park and Enormous Radha-Krishna Temple for Worships.

List of Trustee

Krishna Chaitanya Swami


Santhosh Krishna Murthy


Jayasimha Narasimha Swamy


Gopala Krishnan T


Rahul Raj


Varun Nair


Quote From

Bhagavat Gita

Supreme Loard Says:: "O best among men [Arjuna], the person who is not disturbed by happiness and distress and is steady in both is certainly eligible for liberation. "

Bhagavat Gita 2-15

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Enthusiastically und erwhelm quality benefits rather than professional outside the box thinking. Distinctively networkhighly efficient leadership skills


Recent News

Knowlege is power. Learn great isights from spiritual leaders about Krishna world of consiousness, the way of living spiritually.

Are all religions leading towards God? What is the purpose of religion?

Yes, religion means that there should be God and God is the Supreme Person. The object of religion is love for God. Now we should know what is God's name and the form that religious followers follow.

We can prolong our life and enjoy, but animals can't!

You may prolong life as thought is an illusion. However, what is the purpose of a long life? For example, humans attempt to prolong their lives because they cannot see if there is an afterlife.

What is the knowledge of life and death?

K.C. Swami: Life or soul is that which moves, eats, drinks, grows, reproduces and diminishes.Death means all these things would vanish. All this happens as a result of the involvement of the higher being (soul) in the body.

Hear From Krishna Chaithanya Swami Ji

The words of supreme loard Krishna being clearly communicicated by Swamiji in these videos