Are all religions leading towards God? What is the purpose of religion?

Yes, religion means that there should be God and God is the Supreme Person. The object of religion is love for God. Now we should know what is God's name and the form that religious followers follow. How do we find him? Who can explain Him to us? Instead of speculating, reference should be made to ancient Vedic scriptures such as Bhagavad-Gītā and Srimad-Bhāgavatam. For instance, when one wants to understand the authority of the father, he has to ask his mother. Similarly, if one wants to know God, he must refer to Veda-māta, Vedic literature which is compared to mother (Veda-māta). But where is the father? Krishna is the parent. When you ask Veda-māta, she tells you that your dad is called Krishna. At present people are hanging on to various mental conceptions and accept their country and state as their own universe and want to theorize about the form of God in their own way guided by their religious leaders. Then they fight with each other to establish their superiority in accordance with their power of arms, money, and men. Thus, they will never comprehend who God is, thus defeating the purpose of their religion and committing more and more sinful activities in the name of religion. Krishna says in Bhagavad-Gītā that He is the goal and support to all.

gatir bharta prabhuh saksi nivasah saranam suhrt prabhavah pralayah sthanam nidhanam bijam avyayam

"I am the goal, the sustainer, the master, the witness, the abode, the refuge, and the dearest friend; I am the cause of creation and dissolution, the resting place and the eternal seed of everything". Krishna has personally spoken to Arjuna, but because you are jealous of Krishna, you say this is not said by Krishna.